PSA: Ads in the Middle of Slightly Old Vids – Wassup With That?

About time I let you guys know what up with this.

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Learn how to create multiple ad groups and ads in the new AdWords experience.

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Insert Ads in the middle of your post | Best WordPress Ad Plugin

Insert Ads in the middle of your post | Best WordPress Ad Plugin

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I have been bombarded with Canadian French dubbed ads. Youtube has not done a thing about it and I will never support French ads in general. So I made this video to see if anyone else is having this issue as well.
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How To Put Ads on Your YouTube Videos and Get Paid: Ads In The Middle Of Your Videos

How To Put Ads on Your YouTube Videos and Get Paid: Ads In The Middle Of Your Videos

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In this video, I show you how to add the youtube advertisements / commercials in the middle of your youtube channel videos.

In order to do this your video needs to be at least 10mins long and you must already be signed up for adsense.

Here again is a summary of the steps:

1. Wait until the video is fully uploaded, and then

2. Click into your video, in the monetization tab – from there you can choose anywhere in your video to place ads.

Recently I’ve been asked often how to put ads on your YouTube videos and get paid.

So I’ll be creating more tutorials for you guys re: youtube monetization so you can better understand how getting paid on youtube works.

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