Eddie Griffin: Master P Cut Me $1M Check For “Foolish” Script

Eddie Griffin: Master P Cut Me M Check For

http://www.vladtv.com – Eddie Griffin has experienced a lot of success during his career, but the famed comedian told us that his favorite film he’s done is “Foolish,” which was based on his life. Eddie also shared with VladTV how the film came together after he helped Master P during the start of his rap career by letting him be his opening act. The comedian revealed that his gesture led to Master P later offering to do a movie with Eddie and cutting him a million check for the film’s script.

While Eddie spoke about some of the highs during his career, he also spoke about his rough start, which included being homeless and “sleeping standing up” when he first landed in Los Angeles. Griffin explained that he juggled three jobs while waiting to break through in comedy, which happened after he caught the attention of Andrew Dice Clay during his set at The Comedy Store.

To hear more from Eddie, including the time he choked out Tiny Lister, hit the above clip.
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Edward “Eddie” Griffin is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for portraying Eddie Sherman on the sitcom Malcolm & Eddie and the title character in the 2002 comedy film Undercover Brother.
One of the best-underrated Comedian of all times and here’s one of his art performance.
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Eddie Griffin On Bill Cosby: Black Male Stars Don’t Leave This Business Clean

http://www.vladtv.com – During our hilarious – albeit serious – interview with comedian Eddie Griffin, the established Hollywood actor decided to share tales of his personal bouts with both Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. Griffin was (and continues to be) a supporter of the two men who have faced an onslaught of ridicule for sexual allegations in numerous separate cases. “There is a systematic effort to destroy every Black male entertainer’s image,” Eddie told DJ Vlad. “They want all of us to have an asterisk by our name.” Griffin believes, like Michael and Bill, that most African-American male entertainers are singled out for their illicit behavior. “Nobody leaves this business clean,” he stated while pointing out the cases of others. “You’re not going to die clean.”

Watch as Eddie Griffin provides some comedy in the midst of Bill Cosby’s impending trials above

Eddie Griffin on Supreme Mathematics, Melanin & Slavery

A clip from Eddie Griffins controversial stand-up comedy show “Freedom of Speech” https://www.facebook.com/TheHHN/app/117708921611213/ https://www.facebook.com/TheHHN/app/117708921611213/ https://www.gofundme.com/cnzjpk5z
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Eddie Griffin explains the origin of sex!

Eddie Griffin: Slavery, Spirit, The Black Woman, and More

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Eddie Griffin King of Comedy Stand up Comedy

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1 of his many best stand ups.. do check his other stuff if you aint heard of em cuz you missin out 1 time. You can tell em i said it
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