Locals4locals weekly deals will post Wednesday evening at midnight, a new list of ten local deals will be available. Locals4locals also has the ten weekly deals available here on website.
Locals4locals has several avenues available to ensure you’re able to get in touch with a representative and fast: Customer telephone service with operating hours, 9 am – 2 pm Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays. 1-702- or email us at info@localvegasdeals.com.
You may have purchased a deal on a similar site and then tried to use the deal and found it was hard to get an appointment within a timely manner. The limited number of deals per service is to allow the small business to service their current clientele while servicing their new clientele in a timely manner. All Locals4locals deal clients will be able to make an appointment for their service within two weeks of calling the merchant. Additionally, the locals4locals deal is available for the client to enjoy for six months from the purchase date.
The limit of ten businesses a week is to assist the local small business by advertising only their service in that category for a full week. If an appointment is needed for the service you’re buying, Locals4locals is able to guarantee you’ll be able to redeem your voucher within two weeks of calling for an appointment because we limit the number of businesses we advertise for every week, and the number of deals sold.
Unfortunately, once the service has sold 500 deals, we cannot sell any more. This is to ensure the local business has an opportunity to service their current clientele while servicing the new locals4locals clients, and provide a great experience without having to rush through the service.
Locals4locals provides an opportunity for a merchant to advertise the same deal every six months. This allows time for the merchant to service their new clients from the first deal and provide the same great service the second time the deal is advertised.
Yes, we are a company with integrity, and stand by the prices we advertise with the discounts we offer. There’s nothing worse than buying a deal and thinking you’re getting 50% off, only to walk in the location and find a price list on the wall with totally different prices and realizing you didn’t get the deal you thought you were getting.
Locals4locals has several organizations we donate to throughout the year for veterans, schools and homeless/women shelters. We have a link on our website if you’re interested in viewing locations/events we are giving back to in Las Vegas. We also have contact information available on the link, if you know of an organization or location that could benefit from Locals4locals giving back to our local community.
Locals4locals is always looking to advertise for local small businesses that offer great services in Las Vegas. You can contact us via the "Contact" link in the navigation. Locals4locals visits all businesses in person to discuss deals for local customers prior to advertising as one of our weekly deals. We would never ask a customer to visit a location we have not visited prior to advertising for the business; the safety of our customers is very important to us.