Interracial Couples – in the News, in Books, in Ads, in the Movies & on TV!


In 2010, 1 in 12 married couples in the U.S. were interracial couples, reports the Pew Center.

You are likely to see more interracial couples hugged up and loving on each other than ever before.

We are in everyday life right here and right now in America thanks to Advertisements, Books, Dating Sites, Magazines, TV shows, movies and the growing number of vloggers and down-to-earth IR couples on YouTube.

63 percent of Americans say it “would be fine” with them if a family member married someone of another race. That’s fantastic because interracial couples are everywhere!

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Haters please don’t bother me with bigotry or evil comments, I won’t respond. Peace.
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How To Create Facebook Ads In The Power Editor For Facebook PPC Campaigns

Learn how to create Facebook ads in the Power Editor in this video.

After you create your Facebook PPC campaign and ad set, you are ready to create your advertisement.

If you haven’t got those setup, here are the tutorial videos:

How to create a Facebook PPC campaign:

How to create a Facebook Ad Set:

Also, be sure to watch this video where I go over some extremely successful Facebook ads from my swipe file so you can understand what kind of messaging works best:

Last link before getting more into the FB Ads… If you need help with Copywriting, this book is what I recommend you use to create compelling ads :

Understanding how the Facebook user uses their platform and the concept of interruption marketing is important so you can design a solid ad in Facebook.

The first content a user is exposed to is the top ad text above the image.

This is your hook and needs to grab the attention and pique the interest of your user quickly to engage them and get them to consider your message and offer.

After the hook in the ad, they will see your image. You are able to use shutterstock stock images in Facebook ads through the power editor by clicking on the ‘Stock Images’ button.

Below the image is your headline. The headline is often the most important part of your ad, but on Facebook it is more similar to the call to action in the ad since it is below the ad image.

Finally you have the description text, url text and the call to action image.

This video shows you exactly where in the Facebook power editor to find an edit all of these fields!

If you like this video and want more tutorials on how to advertise on Facebook by runing Facebook ads, view this playlist:

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A less talked about change, but a very big change nonetheless.

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Insert Ads in the middle of your post | Best WordPress Ad Plugin

Insert Ads in the middle of your post | Best WordPress Ad Plugin

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I have been bombarded with Canadian French dubbed ads. Youtube has not done a thing about it and I will never support French ads in general. So I made this video to see if anyone else is having this issue as well.
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Some of the most outrageous ads in the U.S. presidential race

Donald Trump released his first television ad of his campaign for U.S. president. He joins Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, both of whom have already released ads that use bizarre metaphors to describe Washington.
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Google Putting Ads In The Google Home? - Data Push Episode 14

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How To Get Low CPCs Using Facebook Ads In The US | AskEstebanGomez #70

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In this episode I talk about how to get low CPCs using Facebook ads in the US.

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How To Put Ads on Your YouTube Videos and Get Paid: Ads In The Middle Of Your Videos

How To Put Ads on Your YouTube Videos and Get Paid: Ads In The Middle Of Your Videos

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In this video, I show you how to add the youtube advertisements / commercials in the middle of your youtube channel videos.

In order to do this your video needs to be at least 10mins long and you must already be signed up for adsense.

Here again is a summary of the steps:

1. Wait until the video is fully uploaded, and then

2. Click into your video, in the monetization tab – from there you can choose anywhere in your video to place ads.

Recently I’ve been asked often how to put ads on your YouTube videos and get paid.

So I’ll be creating more tutorials for you guys re: youtube monetization so you can better understand how getting paid on youtube works.

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Jailbreak iPhone 4s and iPad 2, 5.0.1 Using Adsinthe (green-poison)

This video show people how easy it is to jailbreak the iphone 4s running 5.0.1 firmware. I do not encourage or am responsible for any issue that may result while you jailbreak. This is an instructional video, it you do not feel confident enough to jailbreak or can not follow the steps shown then DO NOT JAILBREAK
downloads for Window, Mac, Linux here:


Turns out there’s a correlation between reduced viewership, reduced budget, and increased insanity.

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Adsinthe Dubstep “Part Completely Dark” Promo

Adsinthe Dubstep

Song taken from Adsinthe Dubstep “The Real M.C.R. Dubstep Movement Vol. III”
Made in M.C.R.
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Hardcore, Oldskool, Rave
Top One, Nice One, Get Sorted !
You wont find more Samples in a track than you will in this one.

Raveworld is an experience in itself

Relive the day’s of Rave Along with SmileyFaceJake & Adsinthe !

Early 90’s Hard Mash up Hard Booty

Watch the Fuck out !