How To Create Facebook Ads In The Power Editor For Facebook PPC Campaigns

Learn how to create Facebook ads in the Power Editor in this video.

After you create your Facebook PPC campaign and ad set, you are ready to create your advertisement.

If you haven’t got those setup, here are the tutorial videos:

How to create a Facebook PPC campaign:

How to create a Facebook Ad Set:

Also, be sure to watch this video where I go over some extremely successful Facebook ads from my swipe file so you can understand what kind of messaging works best:

Last link before getting more into the FB Ads… If you need help with Copywriting, this book is what I recommend you use to create compelling ads :

Understanding how the Facebook user uses their platform and the concept of interruption marketing is important so you can design a solid ad in Facebook.

The first content a user is exposed to is the top ad text above the image.

This is your hook and needs to grab the attention and pique the interest of your user quickly to engage them and get them to consider your message and offer.

After the hook in the ad, they will see your image. You are able to use shutterstock stock images in Facebook ads through the power editor by clicking on the ‘Stock Images’ button.

Below the image is your headline. The headline is often the most important part of your ad, but on Facebook it is more similar to the call to action in the ad since it is below the ad image.

Finally you have the description text, url text and the call to action image.

This video shows you exactly where in the Facebook power editor to find an edit all of these fields!

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32 thoughts on “How To Create Facebook Ads In The Power Editor For Facebook PPC Campaigns”

  1. Heeey Man Thanks very much for the video i have one question i don't see the text and description edit in the Ads Section i don't find it there is just the Headline that i'm able to edit but the other i don't see them

  2. This is very insightful and helpful. As an old dog trying to learn new tricks I am sure I will watch multiple times. Very happy to have this available. Thanks

  3. i really think you are such a great man to share this all the secret, i learn a lot from u, btw what is the previouse video you mention in here?

  4. Hey Miles, thanks a ton mate for such a wonderful tutorial video. Really appreciate all the research efforts you have put in to make this extended set of the video for complete PPC Facebook ads. I loved the way you got into it step by step without missing out any aspect. finally, a small request as I found the order of the videos are random in the playlist, it gets confused where to start with. Thanks once again for your great work. Keep up the good work mate.

  5. Hey Miles! Great video. Thanks for putting out great info on this process. Slightly off topic, what software are you using to do your video in video. I love this format. Thanks!

  6. Hello Miles. Thanks for the great information you are giving. I have a question about cpc vs thousand viewings. Facebook is saying I cant use the cpc option and forces me to use the pay per thousand viewings option. Could you give me some advice to counteract this because i see you use cpc a lot and i want to follow your teachings

  7. Miles, you're a fantastic teacher! Thanks for making these videos; I've been working my way through the whole playlist. – Adrian

  8. Thanks for this video, I was struggling for a couple of days research how to do PPE adverts on FB. Looking forwards to testing your methods.

  9. Great videos Miles. How do you get the "See More" to appear WHERE YOU
    WANT IT in the first text input space. Some marketers use it like a
    curiosity for the reader so the reader will click the "see more" link.
    thanks in advance.

  10. What are your thoughts on using emojis? Like 🙂 or others because FB changes the color which can get more views/interest I would think, what are your thoughts?

  11. Thanks Miles. DO you have a video on making multiple adds to multiple audiences. I'm trying to target individually 10 countries and trying out 4 adds. So i have 10 adsetsfor the audience.

  12. Hie Miles. There are generous people in this world and you are one of them.The information in all your videos is worth a lot of money and you just give it for free. I have been watching your videos and the knowledge i have acquired is incredible. Thank you so much. you are amazing.

  13. thank you so much. i really love your videos. you make it easy and are encouraging. i know what i am dong is a huge opportunity and no every many people have been understanding. let alone encouraging.

  14. Miles, thank you so much for this video series! It is brilliant, and you are clear, concise and a great teacher. It has been so helpful to be able to follow along step by step. I've done Facebook ads before but with inconsistent success so I'm hoping this time, having done my research, homework and followed each step, I'll get some good results and slowly be able to scale things up. Split-testing next! Thank you 🙂

  15. Miles – thank you for the videos, I have watched all these Facebook ones and additional ones you have posted. I am learning Bing and Google ad networks in addition to this as well and how to master their tools.

    My question to you is this though – you said you have found a mentor who helped you grow your business. Most successful people started with a mentor, such as Jim Rohn. How does one find a mentor? I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach success in this field, and work over 80 hour work weeks – I can do it myself, but it will definitely take much longer than if I had a mentor to guide me. Do you have any advice on how to find a 'mentor'? You guys make it sound so easy, like you just dial a number and here they come.. haha

  16. Hj Miles, your videos are so great..I love them ….so Could you show me how to creat Cavas in Facebook Ads??, I dont understand about them,Please! ^^ I hope you reply me soon ^^

  17. Hey Miles, I am perplexed. I created a campaign without creating a fan page. Silly me! I thought I created a fan page and I did'nt.
    I had 32 interests (you said 30) and I completely messed that up! Can you help me set up a fan page! I deleted my fan page, Facebook gave me the option.

    Sorry, I am stuck and perplexed!!!

    Do you have any videos that can help me make a fan page?

  18. I wouldn't mind the ads …unless they don't appear when we access apps like photo vaults or any game!! However, if they're going to be everywhere , it'd really be annoying..

  19. Please answer this question ( I don't find the answer any ware) .. What will happen if you broke your home button with iOS 10?? Or have an broken home button?? Can you still log in 2 your iphone??
    You are the best Sam 😻🙌🏼

  20. Apple is not accepting bids on ads for name brands such as Game Of War advertising on Clash of Clans. However this is not currently working right now in the beta, and ads are free for all developers during the iOS beta. The search ads really don't bother me that much. I'll just scroll past them like I do on Google search.

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