18 thoughts on “Donny & Marie Medley Beautiful life”

  1. I need to see them I love this there relationship together is just spot on. I do hope I can afford to go to vegas some day. Marie osmond is my role model. Xxx

  2. No son de mi epoca pero tienen unas canciones muy hermosas y cuando era niña de Donny Osmond me gusta su sonrisa es unica

  3. I want to ask Marie one question: who forced you to wear the heels? I very rarely if ever wear heels because of comfort but had she know that heels are too high for comfort past 5 inches. Beyond that, how is lifting a leg up and twirling it around considered dancing? Guys don't need to be girls to be flirty with their legs as all that is is showing PPl the leggier the movie the better.

  4. Marie asks 8:55 if there are any other siblings that have performed as long as they have and I immediately thought of Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. Btw I love this video of their show. 

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