Insert Ads in the middle of your post | Best WordPress Ad Plugin

Insert Ads in the middle of your post | Best WordPress Ad Plugin

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I have been bombarded with Canadian French dubbed ads. Youtube has not done a thing about it and I will never support French ads in general. So I made this video to see if anyone else is having this issue as well.
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21 thoughts on “Insert Ads in the middle of your post | Best WordPress Ad Plugin”

  1. I haven't changed ANY of my settings and I haven't been into ANY French websites and suddenly starting 2 days ago ALL my youtube and google associated sites adds are in French, WTF…

  2. I live in Ontario, and I suggest we boycott YouTube for now , they are not listening, this French BS is very annoying!

  3. In Canada the Federal government has mandated that the CTRC force 18% French content onto all media outlets. Even the Aboriginal channel has to air French content… It's the Aboriginal channel for Native people! I can only assume that this mandate applies to youtube as well. Though I will say that the adds are far beyond 18% this month.

  4. Has this really been an issue for years? You'd think with the advanced ad targeting nowadays a supposedly technologically advanced corporation like this wouldn't be charging advertisers to completely mistarget their ads. I get all French ads. I do not speak French, nor have I been watching French videos. I hope this base incompetence costs youtube money, because that's what they deserve for such an obnoxious, long-lived mistake like this.

  5. Same thing. Live in Quebec, dont know french. Im English… and the ads are GEOLOCATION BASED, even when I explicitly turn off the Location Services on iOS. And I get french ads from YOUTUBE THEMSELVES!!

  6. I'm in Saskatchewan so let's just say I'm not too fond of the eastern part of Canada in general, let alone anything French. At first I thought it was weird, now it's just pissing me off.

    I just have one question…and one question only…

    Is this Trudeau's doing? Because fuck that guy…

  7. i'm from Montreal, my PC and all my apps are in English, I only watch english channels on tv, only listen to english radio stations. Bad enough that I was forced to go to french school as a child, I will not have french forced on me as an adult. This is an outrage!!!

  8. I got the same problem. I live in Quebec of Canada, but I only know basic French. While, just because my location is Quebec, all the ads from Youtube is in French. Although I watched a lost videos in English, Chinese, Cantonese. The reason is obvious, youtube only hires low IQ engineesr, who only know the stupid way to push the ads based on your location. They never know anything else, like browsing history or language setting.

  9. I have the same problem. But I live in Canada and im getting annoyed by it so much I am up to here. Glad someone else can relate to what im suffering.

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