4 thoughts on “Legends in Concert Jason Jarrett as Michael Jackson Promo Video”

  1. Jason Jarrett is a Michael Jackson tribute Artist. There are three categories of Michael Jackson impersonators.  Categories are as follows: Category 3: Print tribute Artist works on the visual image in which is working on the look for photographs.  Category 2: When the Artist can dance routines and physically photographed. Category 1: Is the total package. The appearance, costumes, performance that is complete show. Dance, Routine, Appearance, and Singing is required. These Category 1 Michael Jackson Tribute Artists have undergone plastic surgery and have worked so hard at becoming literally Michael Jackson have earned the right to be wear the name Michael Jackson Tribute Artist….He achieves a high volume of success and fame he places his name there and receives the Category 1 Michael Jackson Tribute Artist.  He must have a following and is able to travel and secure the concert venues with band, background singers, costumes and have a following huge enough to fill the concert venues.What is Jason Jarrett? He is definitely at Category 1 at the beginning stages, not famous enough for touring  yet!

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